Are you tired of "smashing" your tissues with painful techniques?

The m2p course is designed to provide coaches and athletes with a comprehensive understanding of how to implement corrective mobility exercise to manage pain, avoid injury and enhance performance. This interactive and hands-on course focuses on using the EDGE mobility tools, in addition to body weight movements, to add resilience to our body’s joints and tissues. Participants of this course can expect to learn:

  • simple and effective self checks for baseline, knowing your mobility can predict future injury
  • PAIN FREE self resets and reinforcements
  • Relevant physiology and biomechanics that relate to sport movement and performance
  • Common movement errors that lead to decreased performance and injury
  • Self assessment techniques that will allow athletes to gain insight on the state of their movement system and direct them in optimal corrective strategies
  • Joint mobility techniques to enhance joint health, improve ROM and correct imbalances
  • Self soft tissue strategies to improve muscle elasticity and integrity
  • Relevant recovery strategies to help athletes avoid over training while maximizing performance gains

It has been said to move well then move often. Athletes should be able to perform basic self-maintenance to enhance the health and performance of their joints, muscles and other tissues. These 2 to 4 hour seminars are meant to introduce participants to relevant strategies that can be employed immediately to improve mobility, stability, strength and the overall capacity of the human movement system.