Hack Your Squat by Mobility 2 Perform coming to Crunch Fitness in Amherst, NY

image via bodybuilding.com

Buffalo's first Mobility 2 Perform workshop is coming to Crunch Fitness in Amherst, NY! Learn how to quickly and efficiently screen for common mobility and stability deficits that may be limiting your full potential for the squat!

You Learn

  • the basics of mobility and stability
  • why mashing, foam rolling, and static stretching may not be as effective as you think
  • quick assessments for the most common mobility problems
  • self resets you can perform as part of every warm up
  • corrective exercises to maintain improvements from the resets
  • small class size for quality 1:1 instruction time

Save the date - October 17th 2-4 pm, Crunch Fitness, 3366 Sheridan Drive, Amherst, NY, 14226

Register below! - limited to just 20 participants!